Saturday, April 28, 2007

Final Thoughts

My biggest goal this semester was to learn how to set up my personal web-site so that it could become functional in my career. I feel like it is well on its way. It is not perfect, but I'm really becoming more comfortable using html code and Flash. I started only knowing how to use the templates and features in my server, but now I'm really learning how to add my own style to my web-site. Flash has been very useful to me as a musician. It allows the playing of mp3's to sound and load much better. It also allows musicians to post videos of their own playing at a much better quality. I love the presentation you can make your site have with the little nuances of Flash.

I think the strongest part of this course is the ideas that are passed between the students and the teachers. It seems we are constantly learning new things when people bring them to the class discussions. I like that the class is so open and things can change from week to week. It is a very productive learning environment when the teacher can also learn from the students. The weakest part of the class is not everyone has a computer to bring. I think it would be very helpful if the school could provide laptops or a computer lab to teach the class. It would make more sense to actually do the steps in class, and you wouldn't get so confused when you go home and begin your project.

The three web-sites I would like to comment on are Maria, Catherine, and Eva. Maria's web-site is amazing! It is so simple, yet very professional. I like the flash she has incorporated for her mps3's. That is something I never would have known how to do. It motivates me to work harder and just figure out little things that can make my site look better. Catherine's Flash games were so cool! I cannot imagine the time that it took to make them. This is definitely something she can use to make money or for a classroom. The possibilities are endless. I hope she finds a way to end them! Eva's site is very professional. I like how she has things accessible for her fellow teachers. In the bottom right hand corner she has presentation notes from the "Teachers Network Conference." It is a great way to help others that weren't able to attend. The whole layout is very professional and easy to navigate.

I feel like I have come a long way in just understand basic html, Flash, and dreamweaver. I had not used Flash or dreamweaver before this course. So seeing any little personal adjustments I make on my web-site with these programs is very satisfying. I want to continue learning more about Flash and be able to do more animations and video things in the future. While I have a basic understanding I want my web-site to look more professional instead of like a beginner. I think time and practice will be my best bet, but I'm very grateful to this class for getting me started on my journey of web-design.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Audio and Dreamweaver

I'm having some trouble transferring my audio buttons that I made in flash into dreamweaver. I'm copying the html code and pasting it on the page, but it's still not showing up the the preview window. I'm not really sure how I'm suppose to make it work in dreamweaver. I'm hoping that if I just transfer the code into my server it will start to play on my page. This is becoming very frustrating!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My dad!

You guys should check out some of his music. He's gonna be big! :)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Being in new music ensemble has made me start thinking about how to play your instruments in different ways. I find this interesting! I've really started some extended technique, and I like to see what other people are doing on their instruments.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Electronic Music

I've really starting understanding the advances that we have made with sound. Being a part of the NYU New Music Ensemble I have seen how electronic sources can help further you as a musician. Improvising over electronic scores has given me a chance to better my ear. Coming from a classical musician, and now having to think outside the box, playing by ear was never an option. I love that I can pick things up more quickly and not depend on just the sheet music I have in front of me. Electronic music is not accepted by all, but I think being in an ensemble would give musicians a different perspective on the issue. Technology has made all of this possible. With all the new programs, such as eyes-web, you can create and make almost any sound or look you want.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On-line Banking

We mentioned last week in class about the changing in banking styles since the internet has become useful. I never even thought about how much I depend on the internet for my banking purposes. I don't even keep my check-book in balance anymore. I keep everything on-line now so the paper records have all been thrown out. It has also effected how my roommates and I pay bills to each other. Instead of taking the time to go to the bank we now just do on-line transfers to each other's accounts, which saves a trip to the bank. I really love on-line banking!

Web 2.0

I really am a huge fan of Web 2.0. I find it so helpful in an educational realm. I feel that students, and myself, are more involved in work projects when they can have a hands-on approach. It is so fulfilling for students to get on a computer and be able to watch their own creations come alive. Students used to have to just read and learn about what other people have done, but now the options have opened up all new possibilities! I just find a huge help in the classroom and harder for children to not be engaged in activities.